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Online Registration is being set up for several cities. Click Sign-up above and find your city. If it has an online registration link then you can register that way! If not then follow the instructions on that page and email your city's area coordinator.

From "Traffick Jam" to "Walk Against Traffick"

From 2011-1013 we had an event called Traffick Jam Walk-a-Thon. It was a nationwide fundraiser held by the Hard Places Community to support sexually abused and trafficked boys in Cambodia.  The first year for Traffick Jam was 2011 and it was a huge success. Nationally we raised over $75,000; enough to open Punlok Thmey Prevention and Restoration Center for Boys in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and fund it for most of the year. Punlok Thmey (poon-lok ta-my) is a drop-in center for boys ages 5-24 who are at risk of being sexually exploited. The area we have chosen for the center has a high concentration of boys working and living on the streets. Because of the poor economic state and lack of education of the majority of these boys and their families, they are at high risk for exploitation by local men, tourists, and expatriates. The fact that on September 12th, 2011 the center was able to start it's programing is a huge blessing. God cares about these children and wants them to be whole and have a future.

The past several years have continued to thrive and in 2013 we raised over $80,000, the most we’ve ever raised.  The Hard Places Community now has Punlok Thmey Prevention Center for Boys, Prook Thmey Prevention and Restoration Center for Girls, Prook Thmey Safe House for Young Adult Women, and Ponluk Thmey Tours.  Read about them all here -

Now, however, Traffick Jam has a new name. Due to trademarking reasons we were asked to no longer use our previous title. We were sad because we loved Traffick Jam, but have been excited about the opportunity to grow the new name!  After months of discussion we decided to rename our walk-a-thon/fundraisng efforts "Walk Against Traffick: A Journey to end Sex Trafficking."

I'd like to tell you a little bit about the new name. First, we want the term walk to be understood more as a journey rather than physically walking. This is for two reasons; we don't want to limit our events to walk-a-thons and we want to invite people to join us not just for one event, but rather invite them to join in a whole movement to bring freedom to those oppressed. Think about it in terms of your "walk with Jesus," etc.
Secondly, the acronym for our new name is W.A.T. Some of you may know that the temple grounds at a Buddhist worship site are referred to as a Wat. For example Angkor Wat, the ancient temples in Siem Riep, Cambodia or Wat Phnom in Phnom Penh where we have one of our kids clubs. We plan to use this in some of our marketing and advertising as a way to connect our fundraising efforts with what we are doing on the ground in Cambodia. Most Americans will not know what a Wat is, but we can teach them about it and that will help them remember what W.A.T. is.

So as you can see...W.A.T. works and the benefits of this event are far reaching. The event is simple and everyone can participate.
Now, we need to get the word out about the event! There are several ways that you can be directly involved in stopping this horrific crime we see right in front of our eyes every day:

Be an Area Coordinator

An area coordinator is the person in your local area who is in charge of making the event happen in your town. Don't be intimidated by the title-anyone can do this!!! You would simply gather groups of friends together to participate in the walk. ANY friends, from any walk of life. We want to recruit people from hospitals, banks, universities, churches, clubs or groups, wherever! So, we need area coordinators to recruit!
Our USA Director, Drew Mellon, will coach each area coordinator and give you great ideas on how to reach people. He will walk you through the whole thing! Participants can sign up directly with you or on the website.  You will stay in contact with the walkers in your area until the day of the walk, reminding them of the location you have chosen to start the walk and where you will end it, time to show up, etc. You will collect each walker's money the day of the walk, and send it to International Outreach Ministries in Mississippi (our USA headquarters) on the Monday after the walk. You will ask people to donate juice and water, set up a welcome table. Then, you just cheer everyone on the day of the walk!
There are several options for walk location. You can do the walk wherever you feel is best for your location. However, we suggest finding a good centralized location such as a park, track, or campus location where walkers can come and go throughout the day. That way you can have other events and opportunities to raise money for your walk. If you become an area coordinator we will help you with the details!


Depending on your location, the event may vary slightly, but when you sign up to walk or run you sign up to make a difference! Every person counts! Every penny counts! See the sign-up page and contact your local area coordinator. If there isn't one near you then consider becoming one! We would love to talk to you about it. Contact national coordinator Drew Mellon with any other questions (

Be a Talker

Tell everyone you know about this event. Ask your friends to join you in it. If you cannot walk yourself, encourage others to. Lead people to our website and our Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter. Talk it up!
Drew Mellon
The Hard Places Community/Walk Against Traffick USA Director