Come join a journey to end child sex trafficking.



Nina was five years old when she was sold by her father for oral sex to the chief of police in her neighborhood. An eye witness saw little Nina standing in the hallway of a filthy guesthouse with her father while he negotiated the price for her purity with the police chief. The police chief was loud and angry because he wanted a lower price, and in the end he bought Nina for ten dollars and forced her to pay the guesthouse bill out of the money he had given her. Nina was afraid to go with the policeman and resisted, so her father beat her until she submitted. This was only the first time Nina was sold by her father for sex. We know of at least three foreign men who have raped her, and she was gang-raped by a group of teenage gangsters at our local park.


Nina is nine years old now, and a scrappy little survivor! Through everything she’s been through, there is still fight in her eyes. In September, we were able to get her into a Safe House where she could live without fear of rape and beatings. She lived at the Safe House for twelve weeks and was just beginning to talk about her trauma when the Cambodian government forced us to give her back to her parents. We had to hand her over to them because “her father decided he wanted her home”.

Nina’s own government has no law to protect children like her. In the end, no matter what a parent does to his child, the parent has a right to keep his child. Please pray that the fight and light in Nina’s eyes will not go out. Pray for a wall of protection to be around her wherever she goes, and for God to keep her safe.


Ryan was six years old and living on the streets with his mother when they first met Mr. Gene. Mr. Gene is a university professor in Cambodia and is from a Western country. He is highly educated, dresses professionally, and knows all the tricks for getting children into his bed without getting caught. Mr. Gene invited Ryan to come and stay at his house, and in turn provided Ryan’s mom with money to travel and visit her relatives. Ryan’s mom was very happy with the situation because Mr. Gene kept Ryan’s clothes washed and provided him a “safe” place to stay off the streets.

What Ryan’s mom didn’t know was that Ryan and five other children who lived with Mr. Gene were being raped every night, sometimes two or three times per night.


Ryan is ten years old and as of recently, is no longer living with Mr. Gene. He is in the care of our compassionate counseling and social work staff who are preparing him to go to court and testify against Mr. Gene. His heart is still broken and his behavior shows it, but Ryan is beginning to trust us and realize that God can heal him. The five other children are still living with this pedophile, and we are working hard to get them out. Please pray that justice will be done, and that all children involved will be set free.


Polly is fourteen and her father died of HIV/AIDS several years ago. When we met Polly she was living with her mother in a bat-infested indoor garbage dump located inside an abandoned movie theatre. Her mother was dying of HIV/AIDS also, lying on the bare floor in mounds of bat and rat feces. Her mother wanted to die at home, so we provided everything she needed to be comfortable-a mattress, towels, medication. On a Thursday morning, we prayed with Polly’s mom and believe that she understood who Jesus was. That night, Polly’s mom died. The last thing she asked us to do was to take care of Polly because “Polly wasn’t safe”.

Polly was left in the theatre with four grown male relatives, and was posting graphic images of rape and sex on her Facebook page. Polly lives in the sex tourist area of our city where every child is at high risk of being sold.


Polly is in school and one of the most faithful members of our program. She is still grieving the loss of her mother and is now a true orphan, but is learning daily about a God who stands with her in her pain. Polly’s favorite thing about our center is having visitors come. She stays in touch with them through Facebook and truly has friends all around the globe!